On Edge Drying System for Painting

The Basics

Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools have the best selection of painting tools that are designed and built by painting contractors that help save time and money and in the painting industry, time IS money. With tools from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools, you will get a high-quality finish, every single time.

The On-Edge Drying Adapters from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools is an accessory product for the Door Stackers Finishing Systems and must be used in conjunction with that item. These Adapters allow for the option of on-edge drying which helps prevent the possible warping of hollow wood doors. The Drying Adapters also save space by allowing the finished doors to be hung to dry.

Much like the Rubber Feet On-Edge Drying System that is included in every Door Decker purchase from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools, the On-Edge Drying Adapter allows for the option of on-edge drying which helps prevent possible warping of hollow-core doors. They save space by allowing the finished doors to be hung to dry instead of drying just off of the floor and wall.

Depending on the job site, the On-Edge Drying System is perhaps a more advantageous drying method if there are concerns involving debris on the floor. Construction sites and apartment complexes and homes where renovations are being done are perfect places for this system to work.

The Details

The specialized On-Edge Drying adapters are best installed on a wooden sawhorse. (PLEASE NOTE - THESE SAW HORSES ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE.)  When using the On-Edge Drying Adapters from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools, it is recommended to begin spacing for installation. At one end of the top measure and make marks at these locations: 2.5” - 10” - 15.5” - 21” = 26.5” - 32” - 37.5” - 45”. Then install the adapters. Next, check the placement of the On-Edge Drying Adapters. When the Adapters are attached to the top of the sawhorse a Door Stackers can be hung on each one to check placement. To hang, insert the adapter into the hollow handle of the Door Decker. The Door Stackers should not overlap and the legs of the sawhorse should be avoided. Then attach the Door Stackers and finish the doors as usual. It is recommended to stack the doors to allow them to tack up to prevent runs and sags in the finish. Position the sawhorses, with the Adapters on the tops, so that they are spaced appropriately the length of a door apart. Make sure the edges with the right angle are to the inside. Hang the first door by inserting the Adapter into the handle, taking care not to allow the wet finish to come into contact with the legs of the sawhorse. Hang the next door in the second position; move a sawhorse in or out to the square and finish handing all the doors in order.

Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools On-Edge Drying Adapters are sold in pairs and include instructions and screws (#8 x 1 ¼” Phillips wafer head) with each purchase. For the best painting tools in the industry, contact Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools today.