Door Stacking System for Painting Doors

The Basics

Door Deckers from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools can help your business by providing specialty cabinet and door painting tools that give the best advantages of a higher quality of finish time and money savings.

The Door Decker Finishing System is a painter's best-kept secret because it allows for horizontal application and drying of paint or stain and the ability to create a heavier mil thickness without runs or sags leaving more time to get things done. The Door Deckers also save space by stacking up and away for drying instead of against the wall and taking up valuable space. These durable tools can be used with solid, metal, or hollow doors as well as shelves, and shutters.

The Door Decker Finishing System is designed and built by experienced painting contractors that demand professional tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. Door Deckers are proudly made in the U.S.A. and assembled in Amarillo, Texas.

The Details

Along with the horizontal positioning of the door, as it is finished, the Door Decker also allows the applicator to finish doors at a comfortable working level without bending or stooping. They also save space by allowing the finished doors to be stacked to dry without runs or sags. The Door Decker Finishing System provides a setup that enables painting both sides and edges of a door at the same time.

“Finish them FLAT!” - By utilizing the Door Decker Finishing System, both sides of the door can be painted in rapid succession and stacked up and out of the way for drying.  Not only does the horizontal drying help produce a very clean and professional finish, but the space between the doors allows for the paint to gas-off and drying to take place quickly. This tool can save you an incredible amount of time (days) and money (in time savings and personnel) as well as setting your work apart from the competition.

No matter what line of work your painting contractor customers are in, saving time and money is important. For painters and contractors, Door Deckers is key to estimating, pricing and being awarded a job/contract. Most job sites that require painting have no less than 5 doors to be painted.  Painting doors with traditional methods only allow one side of the door to be painted at one time and drying can take 2-3 days (or more). If you multiply this process by the number of doors to be painted a lot of valuable time and expense can be lost.

Door Deckers Finishing System from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools are great for anyone interested in saving time, money, and space and producing a higher quality finish that sets their work apart.

The Door Decker Finishing System consists of two steel plates with handles on each attached with brass eyelets. Each plate is securely screwed into the center of either end of a door with a 8 x 1 1/4 inch Phillips wafer head screw (included with purchase) prior to painting or stain application. Other sizes/types of screws can damage the brass eyelet and weaken the handle over time. One pair used on each door is the best method for the average height/weighted door. Once the Door Deckers are attached, painting can begin. Spray one side and then with one person on each end of the door, flip the door and spray the opposite side. Then move the door to an out-of-the-way location for stacking and drying. Continue the process with each additional door. The interlocking system of the steel plates allows for the Door Deckers to balance against each other while stacked. This horizontal painting and drying process creates application finishes without runs or sags and stacked up and out of the way for drying - great for saving space on a job site.

With our most recent addition to the Door Decker System the drying process can also be completed vertically. Included with every purchase is a set of our Rubber-Feet On-Edge Drying accessory tool to be used with Door Deckers.

These rubber feet provide an on-edge drying option to the Door Decker painting system which helps prevent warping with hollow core doors (can take place with extended horizontal drying times). In addition, using this accessory can help save space by allowing them to be stacked together against a flat surface up and out of the way on a job site.  

Once the paint has been applied and it has dried on the doors, the painter should use a knife or sharp edge to score around the edges of the Door Decker before removing the steel plates. This will ensure that the paint built up between the steel plate and the door itself has been separated and will not risk the tearing of the paint around the edges of the door.

When painting or staining hollow-core doors, it is recommended to stack the doors for drying only 8-10 doors high. Because the doors are lightweight, they are able to be stacked higher but be aware that warping can occur if left too long in a horizontal position.  When painting or staining solid-core doors, it is recommended to stack the doors only 3-4 doors high. In addition, if the doors are not only heavy but also long using 3 (for a tripod) or 4 (for a quad-stack), Door Deckers will create a more sturdy stack.

Cleaning the Door Decker Finishing System is a simple process. Toss the Door Deckers into an empty five-gallon bucket and soak them in either water or paint thinner, depending on the application type covering the tools. Rinse well and air dry.